Stony Burn Basin

Heli straight up into the breathtaking high alpine zone, landing right beside a very cool and cosy hut which will be your base for the first night. The terrain is steep with moraine, rocky outcrops and snow grasses. It is particularly beautiful and as you climb the views grow to become quite dramatic.

Mt Clarke South West Terraces

The Rees River Valley is truly one of the hidden treasures of The Unesco South West New Zealand World Heritage Area. The upper reaches of this magical river valley system are wide, extremely remote, peaceful and in plain view of Mount Clarke with its glacier and heli ski runs. You will also see the spectacular Mount Earnslaw terraces with their endless waterfalls and the craggy terraces and bluffs that typify this part of the Richardson Ranges.

Quality Time

One parent + one child with a small group of other 1+1 combos. Organise your own group or we can assemble your group around you. Quality Time has an emphasis on outdoor education and includes: preparing for a multi day adventure; organising camp; foraging; cooking; self care; hygiene; plant identification; working through fear; learning how to read a mountain; being in your body; learning to enjoy discomfort; adventure seeking; learning some specific skills

Death Valley

This stunning location is a world away and far from some of the well worn tracks in the area and possibly one of the most beautiful locations for miles. Access is limited to a small number of adventurers in this part of The Unesco South West New Zealand World Heritage Area, it’s special, and so you are likely to be some of a very small number of people to have ever been here.

This One’s For You

The Great Glenorchy Alpine Base Camp, while it has a huge heart, is a fairly intimate affair. We are not only looking forward to working with you to create something special, we reckon you’ll love working with our team too.

Becoming Men

Some training and preparation leading up to putting your new found survival skills into practice. Hiking, camping, shelter building, navigation, foraging, catch and cooking. Educational. Guided.

Thick Ice

Thick Ice Adventure

This particular adventure is one for the books. You will heli onto a high alpine terrace near Park Pass, explore the Park Pass Glacier and its surroundings before descending to Park Pass, then up to Lake Nerine, North Col, descending into the North Branch and on to the Routeburn flats to a waiting Defender 4X4 to shuttle you home to The Great Glenorchy Alpine Base Camp. You will be pack camping and we couldn’t overstate the ‘awe’ factor of this epic adventure.

A River Runs Through It

Another pretty damn special adventure. Heli to a remote glacier, get to know it, hike across it, pack camp beside it and spend two days hiking (descending) through mindblowingly beautiful, wild and remote valley systems, including the Rees River Valley. Two nights pack camping, one night in one of our remote heavyweight canvas traditional tented camps and a Defender 4X4 trek back to The Great Glenorchy Alpine Base Camp.

Getting High

So you want to be able to say you’ve summited a mountain? How about two? Mount Larkins and Mount Alaska to be specific. Heli to our Conservation Area – Whakaari traditional heavyweight canvas tented camp from where you will plan and execute your summits.