Fully Lit

We have seen the light… (too much?)… and have been working more closely with the fantastic team at Sherwood in Queenstown so that we can assemble a suite of experiences designed specifically for the Sherwood Community.

Feed Them On Your Dreams

Let’s talk about family. Taking our own families camping is something we all do with our own kids here in the mountains, they love it, we love it, and we especially love that they love it.

Axes and Beers

It hasn’t all been drinking beer and throwing axes… and at the same time, some of us are strangely becoming much better at both!

Captain Cool Shit

We have a few more legends we’d like you to meet – Rich, Jess, Rachel, Zoey, Sam, and the captain of all things cool, Jon.

Fish Face

Crystal clear streams are flush with snow melt and many of them alive with fish. It’s little wonder our recent adventure ground testing has had us tramping along river banks, fishing and camping.

Hypnotise Me

The season is really starting to turn here in Glenorchy. This particular Spring also sees The Great Glenorchy Alpine Base Camp coming to life for its own new beginnings.


Let’s go wild.
Hugo, Zoe, Andrew, Liz, Chris and I are all focusing on a suite of wild nature adventure packages for you.

The Good Wood

You escaping your normal world for a wilderness adventure with us has us working on so many enjoyable and interesting fronts, all so that we can be ready when you arrive here.

The Falcon of Good Fortune

While we’re in this phase of introducing you to a few of the personalities in and around The Great Glenorchy Alpine Base Camp, there are a couple more that we’d like you to meet.

Howse on the House

This is only our second journal entry and I thought you might like to meet some of The Great Glenorchy Alpine Base Camp team. I’ll introduce you to more of us as our journal entries gather pace.