Big Foot

Two magical days heli snowshoeing with a night snow camping all up in the high alpine zone. The snow camp will be one of our traditional heavyweight canvas tented camps complete with stretcher beds, mattresses, wood fired heaters, camp ovens and so on.

Among the Stars

Heli (return) to a remote high alpine camp. Traditional heavyweight canvas tent complete with wood fired tent heaters, camp oven cook up prepared by the team. A high alpine hike to a picnic spot for the books.

Camping Not Camping

Heli up into the remote and wild high alpine zone for a night of ‘hut life’ (the high life). There is much to do up there all year round. During the snow season this area has amazing snow for snowshoeing, ski touring, making snow caves and we can organise the technical equipment for you. During the ‘little to no’ snow season there are some wonderful tramps to suit a range of ability…

Sea Salt

Heli (return) to a remote wilderness ocean beach and estuary system. Hut camping or camping. Coastal hike. Fish. Freedive. Spearfish. Cook. Eat. Laugh. Sleep.

Miles from Nowhere

Heli (return) to a hidden remote, spectacularly beautiful river and lake system in a pristine wilderness valley. Be dropped at point A and trek/camp to the heli pickup point. Packrafting in parts.  No wifi and you’ll love the connection.