Entry #1


Love Won

We are The Great Glenorchy Alpine Base Camp. We thought Glenorchy was worth sharing. And we’d like to do just that.

Our deciding to share all we enjoy so much here has become quite a project for us and it’s now well and truly underway.

It wasn’t easy getting our heads around this venture. It’s a bit like deciding to broadcast the coordinates of your favourite (and little known) surf break, and at the same time we believe our fragile wilderness areas need new lovers. Love won.

The Great Glenorchy Alpine Base Camp team are all Glenorchy locals. We live here with our families. We reckon our collective experience qualifies us to be great craftsmen for your wild nature missions here in our backyard.

The Great Glenorchy Alpine Base Camp team are all Glenorchy locals. We live here with our families.

We will be creating and offering a wide range of wild nature adventure experience packages and delivering them within a regenerative framework. Whether you’re loved up, a tight bunch of friends or a mum + 1, or a father and son, a modern fambam, or you want to bag a top 10 New Zealand summit, we will have an adventure that fits you snugly (hopefully just outside your comfort zone).

Our guides will keep your small crew safe and entertained. The Great Glenorchy Alpine Base Camp team will sort everything for you. Our story factory for your personal libraries.

We don’t want our Great Glenorchy Alpine Base Camp to be too fancy. We don’t want it to be too normal either, or too adult, or too big, or too difficult to use. It will be fun, intimate and simple. Your adventure base, or your start and finish point.

You will sleep in your own sleeping bag on colourful bunks in our cosy huts. There will be a tiny woodfired restaurant (with no sign above the door), marshmallow toasting pits here and there, festoon lights and more (much) that we will reveal progressively. An almost typical camp ground set up with noticeably more energy and personality.

We are ground testing one day adventures and multi-day expeditions all the time and doing all the things we have to do in order for them to be ready for you to enjoy sometime early next year. It’s exciting.

The wilderness in our backyard is about 2.6 million hectares of Unesco World Heritage, Te Wahipounamu, here in the remote south western most corner of Te Wai Pounamu (the South Island of New Zealand).

We heli-ski, surf, freedive, fish, hike, raft, snow shoe, canoe (to name just a few) A.L.L. Y.E.A.R. L.O.N.G. We believe that you deciding to visit with us, in our playground, will add richness and beauty to your already great life.

We are all really looking forward to meeting you.