Entry #6

Hypnotise Me
The season is really starting to turn here in Glenorchy.

Our skis and snowshoes are all but packed away, only our crampons and ice axes remain at the ready. We will definitely miss the regular falling snow as much as we will miss playing in it.

The spring begins the melt and gives way to wild flowers, thicker air, warmer days and crystal-clear waterways flush with melting snow. This is a good fun time for us too. The new growth, the chorus of bird song and all this newness makes for a truly awesome time of the year.

This particular Spring also sees The Great Glenorchy Alpine Base Camp coming to life for its own new beginnings.

We have really turned a corner on the project and can see it taking the shape of its completed form. Soon it will be humming with the pre-adventure excitement, post mission euphoria, BBQ smells, music and laughter that is unavoidable for anyone adventuring in this South West New Zealand World Heritage Area (our backyard). Can’t wait.

Our website will be online on the 22nd November and we are pretty proud of how that is looking. We will be introducing you to some of our like-minded collaborators soon, along with our new team members.

We have been busy ground testing your winter adventures, and now we’re working through the warmer weather testing even more. – So much to do, so little time. But if that means more time for us in the wilderness … well, we can handle that..
In the meantime please enjoy these photos of the melt. I’m not sure what it is about flowing water. I personally like watching it, drinking it, fishing in it, swimming in it, paddling on it, camping beside it …. Out here it is beyond clear and as it flows over the darker rocked shallows, the temperature becomes great for a dip.