Our Story

We are The Great Glenorchy Alpine Base Camp. This adventure base has been created by us especially for wilderness loving adventurers. We welcome hikers who are missioning under their own steam and we have a wide range of ‘all inclusive’ wild nature adventure packages. Whether you’re in need of some much needed alone time, a trip away with your significant other or a few mates, or a trip the whole family can enjoy, there’s an adventure for everyone – regardless of age, ability, fitness or experience. Most importantly, our number one priority is making sure that the adventure stories you take home are worthy of occupying ‘prime time’ in the museum of your life.

We all live here and our backyard is the Unesco South West New Zealand World Heritage Area or, Te Wahipounamu. It is 2.6 million hectares of remote pristine wilderness with spectacular snow capped alps, forests, river systems, lakes, beaches and wild ocean coastlines. We love it here and know that you deciding to spend some time with us in our backyard will add richness and beauty to your already great lives. We hope that you becoming more acquainted with some of our backyard’s lesser-known wonderful secrets will stir a new affection in you, an affection for the importance of all our fragile pristine wilderness areas. Sharing love.

We, like everyone, worry about the mess we are all making of our planet and will do more than just offsetting our carbon footprint here at The Great Glenorchy Alpine Base Camp. Our base camp itself and the world heritage area operations already have small environmental footprints. We have practiced ‘eco localism’ and will continue to do so. We are also part of a regenerative low intensity farm program that includes carbon sequestration via native bush, soil regeneration, water quality improvement programs, the reintroduction of insects, birds, organic fertilisers – balanced regenerative biodiversity project with third party monitoring and auditing. The project is owned within our parent group, its exclusively for The Great Glenorchy Alpine Base Camp and our guests are given the option to support it if they wish. We have many collaborating businesses in this space and within our day to day operations. Doing our bit so that its a piece of cake for you to do yours. 

The Great Glenorchy Alpine Base Camp itself, is either your adventure base for the duration of your stay, or your start and finish point. It is an intimate series of timber huts (not very big, not very many) clustered around some shared facilities. Simple pleasures. The huts themselves come in a range of different configurations (including some self contained). There is a little locally made clean burning wood stove to keep you warm in each of them. We tend to try to play these huts down a little and at the same time know you’ll love them. They’re cosy with splashes of colour, bluetooth speakers, rugs, blankets, great lighting and other stuff.

Our Place

The shared facilities include showers, toots, sauna, drying room, laundry, outside BBQ/pizza oven areas, a tiny wood-fired restaurant (licenced) among other things.

There are umpteen different spots for you to toast marshmallows, cook for yourself, there are stacks of wood for you to help yourself to, festoon lights around the place, comfy seats, smiling happy people, we have gone to a bit of trouble, hopefully you get the picture.