Entry #5


Let’s go wild.
Hugo, Zoe, Andrew, Liz, Chris and I are all focusing on a suite of wild nature adventure packages for you.

There are heaps for you to choose from (when we reveal them to you) and we have grouped the many various missions into a number of sub-categories like ‘Mum plus one’, ‘Bucket List’, ‘Go Wild’ – and several others we will share with you, all in good time.

One of these categories is ‘BYO Son’. A category that, probably fairly obviously, concentrates on ‘father-son’ adventures at a time when the boys are showing their coming-of-age signs. Hiking, camping, rafting, free-diving, catching, foraging, cooking, fire-making (without matches), shelter building – something different for each of the four seasons (including snow), and at different altitudes around this amazing 2.6 million hectare UNESCO wilderness heritage area that’s here on our doorstep.

We imagine a few Dads from one school year group might bring their boys to The Great Glenorchy Alpine Base Camp, all at the same time, and we can’t wait.

Our guides (all-round the South Island outdoor legends) will make this really important time memorable and completely worthy of top shelf story status in the library of your great lives.

It has to be better than taking your boy to a coffee shop in the big city – well we reckon it is anyway.