Go Wild

This adventure category includes 1 day adventures, 2 day adventures, 3 day adventures and 4+ day adventures for limited numbers of small (lucky) groups. Something for everyone.


Accomodation. Singles, couples, families, groups, combos of all of these. More mountain time.


Guided adventures the whole family can enjoy (together).

All Loved Up

Time away from it all, just the two of you, no phone coverage, beautiful, wild alone together time.

Raiders of the Lost Art

There is no classroom more rich than the one found in the great outdoors. Why not learn a little more self reliance?

Out of Office

Company off-sites, team building, big get togethers, special occasions or something we haven’t thought of.

The Great Glenorchy Alpine Base Camp, while it has a huge heart, is a fairly intimate affair. We are not only looking forward to working with you to create something special, we reckon you’ll love working with our team too.